Nourish To Flourish!

What you feed the collective bacteria of your gut can have a major influence on your body's health.

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Why BiomeBliss?

Hunger & Satiety

If hunger is just a message from your body that it’s time to eat, can you be fully satisfied by smaller portions? Yes! When the collective bacteria in your gut is well-nourished, it sends a signal to put the brakes on your eating.*

Blood Sugar

Providing key nutrients supports important microbiome functions that help manage meal time blood sugar when already in the normal range.*


Eating a variety of healthy foods – primarily fruits and vegetables – is the best way to maintain more regular bowel movements, but that's not always easy to do. Supplying the proper nutrients to your gut bacteria helps to regulate both the frequency and the consistency of movements.*

Gut Health

Not all the bacteria in your gut have good eating habits. If not nourished, some may even forage on the mucosal lining in your gut. To keep your body healthy, BiomeBliss supplies non-digestible carbohydrates (fiber) and polyphenol antioxidants to feed the hungry bacteria.*

How it Works

Your microbiome communicates with physiological systems of your body, such as the immune, nervous and endocrine systems. Encouraging a greater microbiome diversity can help those signals and result in a wide range of benefits. Studies show that people with a greater microbiome diversity are generally healthier and have lower body weight. When there is a microbiome imbalance, or dysbiosis, this can have consequences to health.

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Fun Fact:

The microbiome of the average adult weighs 2-3 pounds.

The Magic of Your Microbiome

It’s an ever-evolving ecosystem within your gut – trillions of microorganisms that are dependent on key nutrients that you eat. When supplied those key nutrients, called prebiotics, the microorganisms produce important signals that can help your body thrive.

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The Power of “Pre”

While probiotics introduce new bacteria to the gut, prebiotics nurture and cultivate the healthy microbiome that already exists there. Prebiotics are found in foods including nuts, whole grains, some vegetables and some fruits, especially berries.

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