You Are What You Eat (Or Drink)

A healthy microbiome is a diverse one – are you providing proper nutrients to send the best signals?

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What’s In It?

BiomeBliss is a unique blend of the highest quality natural ingredients, packed with beneficial nutrients. Most of the carbs have been removed, as they just add calories and contribute to blood sugar fluctuations.


From Agave

Nourishes the healthy bacteria naturally-occurring in your large intestine. This nourished population works to create molecular signals to naturally control your hunger and meal size, as well as maintaining blood sugar at already healthy levels. The agave plant is a good source of inulin - a nutrient not found in agave products like agave syrup.


From Oats

Protects your digestive tract and promotes GI health. Beta-glucan is a prebiotic with a smooth texture that helps keep the important mucosal layer of your large intestines healthy. There are several sources of beta-glucan, but they are not all the same—molecular structures vary. We selected oat-derived beta-glucan for its benefits after our extensive research of the scientific and clinical literature.

Polyphenol Antioxidants

From Berries

Provides polyphenols, micro-nutrients found in blueberries that selectively promote certain naturally occurring bacteria and shift the spectrum of microbial activity in your large intestine. During the development of BiomeBliss, we worked hard to retain this prebiotic activity of blueberries, while removing much of the sugar. This helps BiomeBliss stay low in calories. Every batch of our blueberry extract is prepared using a proprietary method that includes testing for its retention of polyphenols.

4th Ingredient

From Years of our Research

The blend itself working in perfect harmony – clinically tested and patented for use and composition. Not all prebiotics are created equally—far from it. After years of research including two clinical studies, BiomeBliss is now available. The great taste, the subtle mouthfeel and the way it makes you feel reflect the hard work in creating BiomeBliss. The real innovation and the subject of our patent is the way the blend’s ingredients work with your naturally-occurring bacteria to nourish, shift and protect.

No Added Sugar | Vegan | NON-GMO | RAW
You’d Have To Eat...
Wonder why you feel more satisfied? Take a look at what you’d have to eat to get the prebiotic nutritional value of one serving of BiomeBliss:
2 Cups of Oats
1 Cup of Blueberries
1 Cup of Sunchokes
384 Calories (33g of sugar)
1 Serving of BiomeBliss
60 Calories (0g of sugar)